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Legal Profession Jobs

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Who’s Involved in Our Justice System?

The criminal justice system is an important aspect of the American legal system, and yet certain parts of it are often overlooked. Despite the prominence of crime dramas in our media, on our televisions and streaming sites, and in our books and graphic novels, the legal aspects of the justice system are still not always well known by the average person.


Judges are the presiding authority over the interpretation of the law. They are the ones who assess all information presented by the lawyers in a court case, as well as the witnesses and experts who have been called to the case, and see how the law applies to the case at hand. In some situations, they may even help draft laws for new situations they have encountered during court.


Lawyers are the backbone of the legal system, with lawyers providing various types of legal services to anyone who needs them. Usually, the two most common types of lawyers that people are more familiar with would be prosecutors, who work for the court and use the law to punish lawbreakers, while criminal defense attorneys try to defend people who are being tried for a crime.


Jurists are not people who serve on a jury, but actually people who research and study law professionally, they are experts on the legal system. These people often tend to also be judges and lawyers, but lawyers and judges do not necessarily have to be jurists. Jurists often assist in writing the laws that lawyers and judges interpret throughout their daily legal activities.

The Legal Profession Includes Many Important Jobs

The legal profession includes a wide variety of jobs that can be difficult to explain in just a few short words, including paralegals, legal secretaries, compliance specialists, law clerks, court reporters, and many more. Despite all of this, each position is valuable and serves a specific purpose that is necessary for the legal system to operate. Without these professions, many of the institutions that the American public rely on would not be possible.